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The Management reserves the right to admit or to refuse admission to pupils seeking admission to the School. Similarly, the Management decides when the question of retaining a student in a Class arises.

Application for admission and Registration Forms will be accepted in Feb / March for the session commencing in April. Registration forms and Prospectus will be available in the School office. Pupils seeking admission will be tested/inter-viewed and admitted only on the basis of merit.

A parent or a guardian of a candidate seeking admission to Class I must produce a Birth Certificate from Municipality / Cantt. Board/ Gram Pradhan or, in the case of a Christian, a Baptism Certificate.

Since St. John's Kindergarten is a separate institution, every pupil who passes from U.K.G. to Std-I has to take fresh admission with original date of birth certificate.

A candidate wanting to join Class II and above cannot be admitted unless his/her previous School's Transfer Certificate is produced.

The minimum age required for an admission to Nursery is 3 years and for Class I is five years of age. The minimum age at the time of admission will be calculated as on the 31st March.

All the admissions will be strictly on the basis of the merit of the candidates. Any unfair means like attempt to bribe, recommendation etc will debar the candidate from getting admission.

After the admission, if the student fails to attend Class, no refund of any kind shall be made.