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All applications for the Transfer Certificates must reach the School Office by 25th March. In case of transfer, the last date for the application for a Transfer Certificate will be 30th June. Any application made after these dates will be entertained only after the payment of the whole year's fees.

An application for a Transfer Certificate has to reach the Principal's office at least two days in advance.

The application for a T.C. must be made on the prescribed form, available in the school office, together with the prescribed fee and must be signed by the parent /guardian.

No Transfer Certificate is issued until all the dues to the School are paid.

The parents will have to pay the expenses involved in counter–signing of the T.C.

The School reserves the right to ask the parents/guardians to withdraw their child if his/her progress in studies is found unsatisfactory, his /her attendance is irregular, his/ her conduct is harmful to others, and for reasons which in the opinion of the School authorities render his/her continuance in the School undesirable.