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Half Yearly Examination ( X & XII ) starts on 7th October

Half Yearly Exam Starts  ( X& XII) from 7th October 2020 onwards . You must write theExamination on the exam sheets that is provided from the school from date 5 th & 6th October, Time : 8.00 am –2.00 pm . After writing the exam youhave to upload the photo of your answer sheet in PDF form in the assignmentsarea in Microsoft team. Please contact your subject teaches for moreinformation. Kindly deposit the tuition fee when you come to collect the answersheet.  

Viva for classes 9 to 12

Viva for classes 9 to 12 will commence from 1st October 2020 Time table is uploaded

Project file of 9 to 12

All the students of 9,10,11,12  have to submit your practical files from 15 to 21 in the school office You will be loosing 20 marks in the board exam if you don't submit the practical file

Online classes

We are starting classes tomorrow (04/07/2020) from 8am to 1pm

Classes Nursery to 2nd will have  their classes on you tube channel

Classes from 3 to 12 will have classes in Microsoft team Please use the id and password sent from the school on your mobile to logon

There are you tube channels videos to train Microsoft team in School you tube channel

 for more  information in School website and go to school updates and download

Time table and other online classes schedules are also available in downloads